Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh. My. Duck.

I must have had too many of my special ducktinis. I do NOT remember doing this dance with
@Herbie_Cat, @kittehboi, @HellaHedgie and @SamthePoodle. And @SirFudgeEsq turned that vid in to nominate us for entertainment for #chickfest!  Now I hear somehow I'm on the Chippenducks calendar as Mr. July!  Oh my. I must cut back on the ducktinis for sure.


  1. Meezers - Uh sure. I just when I remembered going! QOL

  2. Oh George - how scandalous! I bet you look great in the calendar though!

  3. Too many ducktinis will get ur belly painted at some point too ...MOL

  4. George, you are quite the duck.
    Sally Ann

  5. Amy - VERY scandalous. *sigh*

    Boris - I'm afraid this might be worse QOL

    Sally Ann - Um. *blush* Thank you.

  6. I just discovered you. You are very silly, keep it up!

  7. Julier - Me? Silly? *grinz* Why thank you. *bows deeply*


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Yes, I was a Chippenduck for #chickfest

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Thanks to @kittehboi for arranging it, and he, @Herbie_Cat, @HellaHedgie and @SamthePoodle for starring with me.

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