Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping the typist

I decided to keep the typist. It's too hard to break a new one in. So I took her to the Ducktor. Seems she has a problem with "Sir Ull" as Sanjee keeps calling it. The ducktor called it an ulcer, though.  So I had to get her a bunch of pills and stuff. Who knew that chalk pills and chalk syrup could be so expensive?

I'm not sure I can afford this typist. I may need to get a new one after all. I'll check E-bay and Craigslist if I have to do that.


  1. I dunno wot I was thinking, George. I has a ton of those chalk pills here from when my sis, Sydney, had Ul-Sirs from taking Rimadyl. The pills werked coz her tummy is all better now. I would has sented the rest of her pills to you for free for the typist. If they werk for doggies, they should werk for typists, no?

  2. we has a bokx of chalk -we can send it if it will help your typist

  3. Oh those chalk pills and chalk liquid can be very pricey - and taste very awful! I had an ulcer and had to take them - yuck! I hope your typist feels better real soon!

  4. Shawnee, well dang, too bad. The typist says she's a bitch sometimes so why wouldn't they work for her?

    Meezers - I think she has enough chalk now, but if she runs out, I will let you know.

    Amy & Cats - That would be why she is making terrible faces and such. I hope they work fast because she is cranky.

  5. be keeoin dat typist just be lukin for betterer health plan!

    Hope da typist do be betterer soon!

  6. George, your typist will get better. Just give her some time.
    Sally Ann

  7. Boris - Ha! Any health plan would be an improvement other than this cash on the barrelhead one.

    Sally Ann - Yes, I will give her some time.

    Thanks both of you :)

  8. You could always withhold the chalk if she disobeys you!!

  9. Fluffle and Rumble - You two are devious! *whispers* Thanks for the idea.


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