Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moved, but you can still follow!

Now that I've officially moved to my new blog, I realized that maybe you don't know how to follow a blog that's not on blogger. 

If you use the RSS thing, you can click here to get the RSS for my GeorgeTheDuck.com blog

If you like the Follow feature in blogger, you can use that too!  Here's how you do it.
You can click the pictures to biggify them so they're easier to read :)

Sign in at Blogger.com. On your dashboard (that screen you get once you sign in)
go near the bottom of the page below Reading List.
Click ADD

Type in http://georgetheduck.com and click NEXT.

Choose whether to follow publicly or anonymously. Then click FOLLOW.
All done!

Please visit me at GeorgeTheDuck.com  I don't want to lose my friends because my Typist is too lazy to type 2 blogs up for me.

Thank you!

Monday, September 21, 2009


My Typist is revolting, rebelling, whatchamacallit. So from now on all my Adventures blogging will be at my site GeorgeTheDuck.com

Please update your links and bookmarks to http://georgetheduck.com. I'd hate to lose you because of a revolting Typist. It's so hard to get good help these days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going to the beach Part 3

Continued from Going to the Beach Part 2

After we peeked at the ocean we got settled while we waited for the Typist's father and brother to arrive.

I picked the bed next to the window for me and my pets.  I think the bed is big enough for all of us.

Then I got to meet the Typist's Father. My cat Sanjee calls him Grampa. He is HUGE!  I am 3 inches tall and he is about eleventy inches tall! (Typist's Note: 6'5" which is very nearly eleventy inches.)

I got to meet the Typist's brother too. Sanjee calls him Uncle Roman. He is not as huge as Grampa but he is pretty big compared to me.

After we said hi and put the clothes in the closet and stuff, we went and sat on the balcony for a while.  It is very high up.

Then we finally got to go take a walk on the beach!  I like the feel of the sand on my webby feet. It is a little difficult to waddle in though.

We looked around for some shells for Uncle Roman to take home. I found a black one for him.

After a while I got tired and hopped back up in the front pocket of the Typist's fanny pack to ride and look at the ocean.

Then something Very Bad happened. I fell out of the fanny pack pocket and the Typist was walking away.

To be continued...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Or Talk Like a Pirate Day
Or Bark Like a Pirate Day
Or whatever it is you do Like a Pirate Day

That's tomorrow, September 19th. It happens every year on the 19th.

I am ready!

I have done a couple pix for friends too that you can see on my graphics blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I miss you Pepi

I am very sad that my friend @PepiSmartDog went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. I am not ashamed to say I cried.
I am helping my cat Sanjee with a Pepi memorial page and will be photographer for the special #PepiTruck ride this afternoon.

Going to the beach Part 2

So me and the Typist were on our way to the beach!  How exciting!

There were some funny signs and some signs that made us think of our friends. This one made me think of Miles Meezer who loves ham so much.
We stopped at a place called Neuse Sports Shop. I thought that was a little weird since neither of us is into sports. But the Typist said that when she went to the beach as a little Typist, they always stopped there. It had lots of nifty stuff that didn't have anything to do with sports.
There were seagulls outside the shop! One let me ride on his back!  He was a little stiff, but it was fun.
The closer we got to the beach, the flatter it got. I never saw such a flat place. Pretty, but flat.
I got very excited when we finally got to where we could see water. This is the bridge going over the Intercoastal Waterway to Emerald Isle.  That sounds like a very exotic place to go.
We finally made it to the beach on Emerald Isle!  WOW the beach is pretty. There is lots of sand but no poop in it that I saw. And the water was pretty aqua and blue.  I love the beach!

To be continued...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going to the beach Part 1

I was very excited because I was going with the Typist to the Beach. I had never seen an ocean before. So I packed my bag and got in the car.
It was a little early in the morning. I did not want the Typist to fall asleep at the wheel. So I had her stop and let me buy her a biscuit and an iced tea.

I had a hard time finding the right straws. The first ones were too tiny. The typist would have died of thirst.  But I finally found the right straws.
And I got her a biscuit. She got one tiny bite of sausage.  I helpfully ate the rest so it would not hurt her tummy. I prefer sausage over bread most any day, so she ate the rest of the biscuit.  
Then we were on our way to the beach!

To be continued...

Yes, I was a Chippenduck for #chickfest

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Thanks to @kittehboi for arranging it, and he, @Herbie_Cat, @HellaHedgie and @SamthePoodle for starring with me.

This blog is just silliness and humor. No harm is intended! *quack*

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