Saturday, August 8, 2009

World Cat Day

Today is World Cat Day. I'm not sure what that means except that Sanjee said I should feature her and her fursibs on my blog today. I figure I'd better humor her or I might get my head nommed half off.

This is my special cat Sanjee. She lets me lay on her sometimes, which is nice because she is warm. She likes to snuggle with me too. She's a good nom-er, but she is a little tempermental sometimes. She is the Queen of HotMBC (that's the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.)

This is my cat Boni Maroni. She's strange. She's very peaceful and sweet right until she's riled and then she's a demon. I've seen it. *shudder*

This is Gree. She is my light black tuxedo cat. *ahem* Well. Gree is pretty nice. At least, she has never tried to tear my wings off or anything. That seems nice to me.

Here's my cat Mini. She always thinks she's starving to death. She's very round in the middle to be starving. *snicker* We used to play, but I think she realized I'm not food. She doesn't play with me any more.

This is my bud Pepi. He's the mancat of the house. I am the manduck of the house. We have a lot in common. He was sick recently, but he is all better now. I'm glad. He's a good nom-er and we like to talk about man things too.

Those are all my cats.
Happy World Cat Day! *waves wing*


  1. Awww, you're a good Man Duck for the cats, they're the real lucky ducks, to have you!!

  2. George, we are very glad you featured the hotties on your blog today. We have loved reading about your adventures. We can't wait 'til the next one.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. Aw George, it wuz nice to feechur us for Werld Cat Day. Yoo is a grate duk!

  4. hello george!
    it is so very nice meeting you - i am also a duck who lives with cats, can you believe it!
    and i think your cats know my cats......
    i might have to get some advice from you about girl ducks..... i never even thought of dating - but i guess it could be fun?
    do you know of any girl ducks who blog???
    dicky duck

  5. guess what my word verification was????
    "wayagrin" - now if you mumble that a bit - maybe because you have a BEAK instead of a mouth - it sounds pretty close to "viagra", doesn't it?

  6. Hi Dicky Duck, good to meet you. I think my cats do know yours. Wasn't it one of your cats who sent Sanjee the shades I wear? Yes, I think it was.
    I'll have to check about blogging girl ducks. I never thought of that.
    wayagrin QOL silly duck!


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