Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting ready to meet Girl Duckies

Girl ducks are beautiful and fun. So I have to get ready for my first date. Whenever I have that.

I've been doing yoga with @ZackRabbit's video. I heard this will impress girl ducks.

I keep salad fixings in the house so that I can make her a salad if she'd like to eat at my house.

Sanjee says I need these if I'm going on a hot date. I'm not sure that girl duckies like to play with water balloons, but I got some just in case.

I'll keep my cell phone handy so I can be ready for a date any time.


  1. you certainly are prepared George!

  2. Thanks you guys. Maybe I should be a boyscout?

  3. Baby Duck is asking for your phone number, you are SO IN my friend!!! (she beautiful. Little nomed, but beautiful)


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