Monday, September 14, 2009

Going to the beach Part 1

I was very excited because I was going with the Typist to the Beach. I had never seen an ocean before. So I packed my bag and got in the car.
It was a little early in the morning. I did not want the Typist to fall asleep at the wheel. So I had her stop and let me buy her a biscuit and an iced tea.

I had a hard time finding the right straws. The first ones were too tiny. The typist would have died of thirst.  But I finally found the right straws.
And I got her a biscuit. She got one tiny bite of sausage.  I helpfully ate the rest so it would not hurt her tummy. I prefer sausage over bread most any day, so she ate the rest of the biscuit.  
Then we were on our way to the beach!

To be continued...


  1. George, like I always say about you, "You are the perfect gentleman & host". It would be my pleasure to go on a trip with you.
    Your friend,
    Muhammad Ali Cat
    aka PersianCatAli

  2. Mack - I try to be helpful.

    Ali - Oh *blush* thank you. I would love for us to go on a trip together!

    Meezers - It was fun. I bet Sanjee had fun with you while I was gone, Miles. She won't say. She just grins. QOL

  3. Wow George, that was so nice of you to buy her breakfast! I hope she enjoyed it. We can't wait to see what happened next!

  4. Amy - Well I didn't want her to get faint from lack of snax while driving down to the beach! *grinz* That and I do kind of like her.


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