Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making Jewelry With The Typist

I like to try new things. I thought I would try making jewelry with the Typist. She is not only a Typist, she is also a Jewelry Artist. So I knew she could help me.

First we had to get the tools together. The Typist allowed me to use her nice pliers.

Then I had to pick a stone. I got to raid the Typist's special secret stash!

I chose a pretty one that matches my bill!  The Typist told me that it is Baltic Amber.

The we had to get the wire.  The wire is very skinny. This is a good thing or I would never be able to rassle it into a jewelry shape. Can you imagine me rassling a rebar???

This skinny wire is a special type of sterling silver called Argentium. That means it will not tarnish and it does not have nickels in it. Dimes either, I think.  I had to cut it very carefully.

Once the wires were cut the right size, I had to tape them together. The tape got a little bit wild on me.

Once I had the tape safely on the wires, I had to mark it so I would know where to add more wire and bend it and stuff.  The Typist let me use her Secret Squirrel Marking Formula. That was very nice of her.

Then I had to take a break. Making jewelry is complicated and tiring.

Part 2 will be tomorrow. (Update: Here is part 2!)


  1. George, buddy, you was workin up a sweat there! And all those big werds you has to noes for making jooleries. Looks very komplikated to me.

  2. It is very complicated, Shawnee, but it is also a lot of fun.

  3. George,
    You are sure smart. I don't know if I could do that.
    Sally Ann

  4. For you my buddy... I am a


    heh heh heh

  5. Sally Ann - It helps to have a Typist to help QOL

    Fluffle and Rumble -- You guys are crazy duck-billed-cuddle-pusses. QOL

    Meezers - It is, but it's fun too.


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