Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to B&N for coffee

The typist always likes to go to Barnes & Noble to look at books and get coffee. And get books, she likes to get books too. She get more coffee than books, though, because coffee is less expensive. Plus they do not have a library where you can check out coffee.
This time I went with her to B&N. I went google-eyed reading all the rules. There were too many rules, so I did not get any books.

But the panini sandwiches at the cafe looked very tasty. However, the typist says every one she's ever had tasted like plastic. Plastic does not sound very appealing, so no plast-anini for me today either.

How about a biscotti?  Hmmms. Nothing in there floats my boat. Though they're hard enough to make good clubs for someone my size. Nevermind.
Just an iced coffee thanks.  Half of one. I have a delicate ducky stomach.
I need half and half. This thing is awfully heavy, though.
Ah, here we go.  I got by with a little help from a friend. A nice creamy will-not-bother-sensitive-ducky-tummy iced coffee drink. Yum.


  1. George, you are very lucky to shopping for books with your Mummy. I would love to go to look at books with my mommy, but they don't allow dogs. I love reading with my Mummy. Mack and I love doggie books. You are going to be mentioned in our blog tonight.
    Sally Ann

  2. Mack and Sally Ann - Yes, I am a lucky duck to get to go places with the typist. I can't believe you're going to mention me in your blog. How exciting! Thanks!

  3. Heh heh, I bet you needed that coffee after your pawty behavior, my dirty duck buddy!

    You have such an awesome mummy, she takes you on the best adventures.

  4. I LOVED this! George, you are quite the writer.

    Maybe next time at Barnes and Noble your typist can find a copy of 'Make Way for Ducklings" and read that to you.

    love holly the cat

  5. Fluff and Rumble - So I got a little muddy, big deal. I had a bubble bath afterwards.

    Holly - *blush* thank you. I will ask her to help me find that book.

  6. Mummy likes the Barnes and Noble too....but I was never allowed to go with are a lucky duck.

  7. Confucius - Maybe sometime you will get to go.


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