Monday, August 31, 2009

An award!

My new friends Mack and Sally Ann gave me an award! How cool is that?  I've never had an award before. I am very proud.

Thank you Mack and Sally Ann. I appreciate it.  :)

I'm also very surprised about this.

@CokieTheCat: @georgetheduck WON the Woodstock Pawpawty Pic Poll, with @wildboutbirds a close 2nd! Congrats!
I'm so surprised! I thought HB's costume was a lot better. Thank you, though!  That made a not so good for me pawty feel a lot nicer from here.


  1. Conquackulashuns on your award. Now waits a minute - you was not having a good time at the pawpawty? I thought you was. You is making me sad bout that :(

  2. Meezer dudes - Thank you :)

    Shawnee - It was just one of those days lots of little stuff went wrong. It's ok *hugs* I did have fun too. Nasty when not my days happen during parties, but nothing to do about it.


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