Friday, July 31, 2009

Going to the doctor

This week I had an adventure going to the doctor. I had to take my human to have some blood taken. I don't think they will give it back, but let's not tell her. I had a little trouble with the door. The handle was very big.

The front desk was easier, though. I fit nicely on the ledge.

Why do they have these huge bottles of germx stuff at the doctor's office, though? I mean, these are HUGE! Twice my size. How many germs do they have at that place anyway?

While we were waiting, I tried to strike up a conversation with one guy. He was so thin I think maybe he hwas there to get help for that skinny thing he had going on. He wasn't very talkative, though.

So I read an outdated magazine.

When they called for my human, I tried to protect her from the vampires. Sheesh, though, that needle was about as long as me. I had to step back.

Luckily they left my human some blood and gave her a bandage. I kissed her booboo and made it better of course. Then we went home. It was interesting going to the doctor. Especially the skinny guy. I wonder what happened to him.


  1. Is not very good, next time your human go to the Ducktor!! Ducktor good, even the bill!! hehehehe..

  2. Ducktor is better than vampires, huh? Thanks for stopping by you guys!


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